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Holidays In Majorca - Price Watch

Good news for those considering holidays in Majorca as three major and reliable companies who include the island in their brochures are offering good discounts and special deals for Majorca holidays at the moment.

If you take time to compare all three you will often find not only superb offers but that the same Mallorca holiday can be booked with hundreds of pounds saved compared to the other companies.

Visit all three and save hundreds of pounds on your Majorca holidays:

Thomas Cook - Top Quality Majorca Holidays at best prices - Click HereThomson Holidays  - Click HereFirst Choice - Majorca Holidays from First Choice save £100 online for Majorca Holidays

Thomson Holidays offer a full choice of holidays in Majorca and are often the best priced with first class quality. Visit Thomson by clicking the link below to go direct to their Majorca holiday pages, including not just Mallorca prices but the weather, flights to Mallorca, a map of Majorca, hotel reviews and photographs.

And Thomas Cook holidays also have some excellent prices for holidays in Majorca at the moment, checking both Thomson and Thomas Cook could save hundreds on virtually the same holidays in Majorca.

YourMajorca.net provides a useful compilation of facts, figures and information about the island including flights to Majorca.

Beach and villa holidays, a map of Mallorca, the weather in Majorca, hotels and apartments for rent, cheap flights to Palma, property and real estate for sale are all covered here.

Whether you are visiting the island of Mallorca for pleasure or business, staying in a hotel or are considering villa holidays in Majorca we hope we provide helpful travel resources.

There's some great deals for 2011 from the tour operators who deal with Mallorca, and we hope to bring you more news and information in the months to come, including for 2012 Majorca holidays.

We hope you enjoy the best of Spain - Majorca!

Majorca News & Recent Blog Posts

November 3 2011 - Your guide to Majorca’s best beaches

Sun, sea and sand holidays on the Balearic island of Majorca have been drawing millions of tourists from the chillier regions of Northern Europe since the 1950s, here's your guide to the best beaches.
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October 23 2011 - Best things to see and do in Majorca

Majorca’s endless white sandy beaches and their crystal-clear waters are a star attraction, but look a little further and there are many other exciting activities for all the family to do while on holiday.
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August 4 2011 - The Best Beach

To find out which beach has been suggested as the best click through to our latest news on our Majorca blog.
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July 4 2011 - Rafa Loses Wimbledon Final

Majorca's Rafa Nadal has been beaten in this years Wimbledon Men's final - to read our report click through to our Majorca blog.
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June 23 2011 - Way To Save

New research from consumer magazine Which? Has revealed an easy way to save money when you book your holidays in Majorca
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June 1 2011 - Thursday

The best day to go on holiday for the cheapest prices is Thursday, according to influential Which? Magazine.
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March 23 2011 - Chopin's Holiday Island

The Daily Telegraph recently ran an article about the time the composer Chopin spent in Majorca
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November 4 2010 - Elegant Palma

The Liverpool Echo in the UK have run a good report about the capital Palma.
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July 21 2010 - New Film Festival

A new film festival is planned for 2011, and could boost tourism around Easter time. To read about it click below.
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March 8 2010 - Classy Majorca

The Daily Telegraph recently ran a good article about where to head for on the island if you're thinking of Majorca holidays, including which hotels are best.
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February 2 2010 - Majorca Holidays Are Forever

Just like diamonds, the island is treasured by many, and if you're thinking of taking 2010 Majorca holidays a good article appeared in a London newspaper recently which is worth a look at.
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Travel Resources

Majorca Holiday Planning

If you haven't visited the island before, there's a wide choice of places to visit to keep all the family entertained, and tour operators and hotels offer organised trips. For some reviews of the Majorca hotels see our hotels section.

The climate is good enough often to visit from February onwards, but the Majorca holidays season really begins from April when the weather is good. But whatever the weather there's always plenty to do and sights to see. And it's rare to look at a weather forecast to find a whole seven days looking dismal. You can check out the Majorca weather here on our travel resource.

There's a good number of airlines offering cheap flights from the UK, from London and regional airports.
The airport to look for when looking for flights is Palma.

Hotels are plentiful and there's a whole range of accommodation available, from guesthouses and hostels, 1 star through to the best 5 star ones available for holidaymakers to choose from.

A popular alternative to hotels is what the villa holiday companies have to offer. James Villas do some great deals, and while many people consider villa holidays are expensive they can often work out around the same price as seven nights in a hotel. Flights, travel insurance and car hire can all be included in villa holidays in Majorca, or they can be booked seperately, and the villas are all around the island when you look at a map.

Whatever accommodation you choose, there's plenty of flights, hotels and villas on the island, and they all add up to great Majorca holidays with weather to match, and it can all work out surprisingly cheap when planned in good time.

We hope you enjoy your time in Mallorca, and for many this won't be their first trip as they like it so much, but if it is your first visit, going by the number of tourists who visit frequently it might well not be the last time you plan your holidays in Majorca.

Property And Banking

Majorca is popular for second homes with those take residency in the tax haven of Andorra. For more information about Andorra property visit propertyandorra.com

For those who want banking facilities there is also the possibility of the Monaco banks to consider.